Dear Harry: I must be on someone's sucker list.

During the last two weeks, I have been receiving e-mails regarding money that's mine:

* Sarah Welsh wants me to contact authorities in Nigeria for $10 million due from her late husband.

* Dr. Philip Aliu asked me to contact Western Union for payment of $5,000 per day due me from the estate of Dr. David Williams.

* Contact Zeng Q. Zheng from Lloyd's to receive money they are holding for me (no amount specified).

* Cheng Guanguan of the Bank of China is holding $17 million for me from lottery winnings.

* John Kenneth has $1.4 million for me, but needs tax money of $225 in a money order to get it released.

I know that these are very possibly frauds.

The trouble is that I don't know how to stop them from sending these e-mails.

I averaged five a day for the last two weeks! Help!

What Harry says: I've seen this type of stuff many times over many years, but you're the champion.

Did you once answer one of these phonies?

I have no other idea how you got on these lists, but I can suggest ways to get off.

If you can set the filter on your e-mail to reject these as junk, they will slowly disappear.

A more effective, but a little more troublesome, way is to change your e-mail address.

Good luck!

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