Dear Harry: With all the talk about bailouts and help for the big banks and others, there's precious little being done for people like me who are just trying hard to stay alive. I notified my mortgage company that I wanted to participate in the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). I sent in the required documentation by certified mail with a return receipt requested. This was in October. I called on Nov. 15, and I was told that they did not receive the required documentation. I told them I had the receipt, but they said the documents were not in the letter. I submitted the stuff again; this time with a "good faith" check. Letters and calls are not getting them off square one. In the meantime, they are hitting me with late fees that are in the stratosphere. There has to be some way to get them to move on this after more than six months. What can I possibly do to get an answer? I don't want to lose my home by foreclosure.

What Harry says: You're unfortunately in a situation where your lender will claim overload. However, six months is a very long time for no action. You need the intervention of someone who can set their toes to the fire. Contact your congressman immediately. This is an election year, and your congressman will be eager to please his constituents. The billions in bailouts in 2008 happened in a matter of days, but the average American is put on hold . . . a real tragedy.

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