Dear Harry: I have three credit cards. Unfortunately, none of them has a high enough credit limit. To make matters worse, one of the banks has notified me of an increase in the monthly payments required, and another has just reduced my credit limit, which they showed on my statement without any previous notification. I thought the new Credit Card Act prevented them from doing these things. When I called to protest, I was told that what they were doing was within the law. Is there a provision somewhere that prevents a bank from increasing the monthly payments on an existing balance? I was about to ask all three banks to raise my credit limit, and then I get the statement that showed it cut. I am current on all my bills and have not been late in paying since 2008. Is there something I can do to get these actions rescinded?

What Harry says: Have you tried calling the banks to ask them to do just that? This often works because they don't want to lose a good customer . . . especially one who pays interest and gets the payments in on time. It is also worthwhile to try to get to the supervisor of the person who answers your call if you're turned down. Too many of our elected officials pay only lip service to protecting consumers, so a lot of the suggestions by consumer advocates are belittled or ignored and never get enacted into law. Good luck!

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