People are fighting fear on all fronts these days.

They're putting signs on their lawns and their windows telling people that no matter what their race or religion, they are welcome here.

Now, doctors are joining the resistance.

Dr. Bon Ku / Handout
Doctors gathered at SXSW to fight fear among their immigrant patients with design.
They designed these boluttons to show them that they will care for them regardless of their status.

As I told you in a column last week, in the days since President Trump's travel ban emergency room doctors have noticed an increasing fear of deportation among their immigrant patients. Physicians shared stories of patients reluctant to give their personal information and fearful to seek care.

In one especially heartbreaking story, Dr. Alisheba Hurwitz said one patient who could barely stand suddenly started screaming that he had his papers.

In response to this growing fear, a group that included Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's Dr. Bon Ku met at SXSW to brainstorm and quickly create a prototype of something that would conveys safety for vulnerable patients.

The result was buttons that read "Stand With All Patients," a small but significant signal that they will care for all patients, no matter their immigration status.

Once Ku gets back from SXSW, the annual music, film and media festival in Texas, I'll get all the details and share them with you in an upcoming column.

Can't wait to see Philly doctors everywhere sporting this sign of unity.

In the meantime, I'm curious: Are you a doctor outside of Philly? Are you seeing the same fear among your patients? What are you doing to convey that hospitals are safe spaces? Are you a patient who was put at ease by your health care provider? If you feel comfortable sharing your story, email me at