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Yo, Eagles, please pick another unofficial anthem | Jenice Armstrong

The Eagles may be about to make Super Bowl history. That's a big deal. Why muddy things with such a raunchy song?

Meek Mill performs in July at the Fillmore in Northern Liberties for a private show presented by Jay-Z’s Tidal in support of his new album, Wins and Losses. ( MARGO REED / Staff Photographer )
Meek Mill performs in July at the Fillmore in Northern Liberties for a private show presented by Jay-Z’s Tidal in support of his new album, Wins and Losses. ( MARGO REED / Staff Photographer )Read moreMargo Reed

Yo, Eagles, there's a special responsibility that comes with being  role models.

I know athletes don't always want to hear it, but it's true. People look up to you.  They want to be like you. Especially kids. That's why I'm looking side-eyed at your adoption of Meek Mill's Dreams and Nightmares (Introas the Eagles'  unofficial anthem and Super Bowl walk-on song. What were you thinking?  I've seen the videos of you guys  getting pumped to it on the field and singing it in the locker room. The beat is fire. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am disappointed in your song selection.

Mill's talent is undeniable, but Dreams and Nightmares' lyrics are gangster. And I don't mean that in a good way.  The n-word is repeated 24 times. Yes, I counted. The p-word, the b-word, the d-word,  and, of course, "hoes" are part of the song, too. Some of the lyrics can't be repeated in a family newspaper, but I can tell you they include references to oral sex, threesomes, and promiscuity, as well as boasting about murder. You wouldn't talk that way in front of your kids. So why rap lyrics like that?

"…That Lambo, my new b–, she don't ride like my Ghost

I'm riding around my city with my hands strapped on my toast

'Cause these n–  want me dead and I gotta make it back home

Cause my momma need that bill money

And my son need some milk

These n– tryna take my life, they f– around and get killed…."

I've heard worse. You probably have too.

But here's the thing: You are the Philadelphia Eagles.

When you celebrate winning the NFC Championship with a song that glorifies murder and sexual promiscuity, that's beneath you. It looks bad.

I'm not a prude.  Honestly, I'm not.

I know some of this is locker room fun. Guys being guys. In the midst of celebrating  the NFC Championship, you weren't really thinking about how things look. You love Mill, and you love his music. Many of you come from similar circumstances and relate to his rags-to-riches struggle.

"…It was time to marry the game and I said, 'Yeah, I do'
If you want it you gotta see it with a clear-eyed view
Got a shorty, she tryna bless me like I said, 'Achoo'
Like a n–  sneezed, n– please before them triggers squeeze…"

What happened to Mill last November was harsh. Nobody predicted that he would be sent back to prison to serve two to four more years because of probation violations.

Some of you came out to the #StandWithMeekMill rally in solidarity. And your embrace of his song Dreams and Nightmares says a lot about how you feel about your team's underdog status.

"…I did it without an album. 

I did s– with Mariah 

Lil' n– I'm on fire…"

Mill feels your love from jail.

"It really lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs, because that's why I make music," Mill, 30, said in a statement last week. "The Eagles have also motivated me with the way they've overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year."

But  America is catching Eagles fever right now. Why? Because your team has proved against the odds that you have what it takes to go up against the almighty New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

When you win on Sunday, you will be even bigger stars than you are right now.

The whole world will be watching.

Kids too. Children of all races. Your daughters, too. The images from that day will live forever. Do you really want video  cameras to catch you mouthing the n-word while you and your buddies celebrate in the locker room? Do you want your fans to hear you spewing expletives even if they are part of a song?

I don't think so.

Be better than that.