Dear Oprah,

What I know for sure is that you should run for president. Ignore all of the naysayers who point out that you don't have any political experience. It's true. You don't. But neither did President Trump. He'd never held elected office. People loved that about him. Trump was a political outsider with a fabulously successful business — and also a TV star.

That's you all day, girl. With an estimated net worth of nearly $3 billion, you're one of the richest self-made women in the world. Those  who minimize your mind-boggling accomplishments by writing you off as a daytime TV talk show host ignore the multi-faceted business empire you spent decades building, first as the head of the wildly successful Harpo Productions and later as the owner of your own cable network, OWN.  And let's not forget O, the Oprah magazine you launched back in 2000.  Critics claimed it would be a bust partly because you put yourself on the cover every month – a Photoshopped image at that. But you're still doing your thing. You also shrewdly invested in Weight Watchers at just the right time back in 2015. According to Forbes, those shares you purchased for $43 million are worth a whopping $365 million now.

You recognize talent too. We've watched you surround yourself with all kinds of experts who've all benefited from your Midas touch. The Oprah Effect is real. Most of us had never heard of Dr. Phil; Dr. Mehmet Oz;  financial expert Suze Orman; style guru Nate Berkus;  CBS News anchor Gayle King; fitness trainer Bob Greene; and new age guru Deepak Chopra. Each one of them has blown up big time after you allowed them a seat on your couch.  So, I'm betting that  your Cabinet picks would be amazing too. Sure, the criteria are different, but you know good people and you're excellent at getting out of their way so they can shine.

And it's not like you're a total political novice. You helped get President Barack Obama elected. He was pretty much a newbie too, but that didn't stop him. After his history-making inauguration, you were one of the first in his inner circle allowed in the White House for a tour. He'll be there to guide you not only as you campaign but throughout your entire term.

We believe in the Oprah brand. You point at one of your favorite things, and we pay attention. That's why Amazon partnered with you on your annual Christmas tradition. That's also why so many of the books featured in your eponymous book club became best sellers. Each movie you've been involved in –The Color Purple, Beloved, Selma, and The Butler among others – has been enlightening. Your heart is huge – as evidenced by the hundreds of black men you've sent through Morehouse College and the school you started in South Africa for disadvantaged girls.

Under your leadership, we won't see tweets about how big your button is or see you disgrace our country by calling foreign leaders names like Rocket Man.  We would never hear you say there are good people on both sides when referring to white supremacists and counter-protesters. Also, you understand that just because news organizations don't report your version of the truth, it doesn't make their reports fake news.

Sure, you'll make mistakes. Big deal. We've seen quite a few with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  And we'll see them with whomever gets to be the next one too.  It's a tough job. Being POTUS is the only job you don't have experience for before you actually get it.

If Trump has taught us nothing else, it's that the game has changed. When the Democratic Party nominated Hillary Clinton in 2016, it anointed one of the most experienced presidential candidates ever, and it still wasn't enough. Besides, you inspire us in a way that Clinton never did. People are still raving about your #MeToo speech Sunday night. You motivate us to live our best lives. Should you run, I'll miss seeing you on Super Soul Sunday asking guests big questions about life. But this I know: A new day is on the horizon, Oprah, and it's yours for the taking.