Shonte's sparkling eyes and delightful smile draw people to her. Very intelligent, she easily carries on conversations. This 14-year-old loves to ice skate and roller skate. Like many of her peers, she is never far from her MP3 player and sings like a pop star.

In school, Shonte excels in reading and spends many hours absorbed in mystery novels. School has helped bring out her creative ability. She loves her art classes and devotes much of her free time to drawing and painting. Music is another favorite class.

Shonte has endured so many disappointments, disruptions, and losses in her life that it is difficult for her to trust people. Therapy is helping her express her feelings and deal more effectively with the emotional and behavioral challenges resulting from the trauma she has experienced. Currently she is working on building her self-esteem.

Shonte wants very much to be adopted. She would benefit greatly from having a nurturing, patient, and consistent family - a couple or a single female - that would provide her with the unconditional love and attention that she needs and deserves. She is eligible for financial subsidy.