Emere is a budding artist. If he could, the 13-year-old would draw all day long. He says drawing keeps him out of trouble and gives him something positive to focus on. He has been told his artwork looks professional.

Emere was delighted to have the opportunity recently to visit the Woodmere Art Museum, where he toured and received tips from an artist. Emere critiqued some of the works on display and gave his interpretation. He talked about his love for creating artwork and showed off his skills.

When not engaged in artistic pursuits, Emere enjoys sports, reading, and spending time with friends. Enrolled in regular classes in school, he is a good student and hopes to go to college. In his foster placement, Emere is praised for doing his chores so well.

Emere wants very much to have a family that would help him go to college and would support his desire for a career as an artist. He would like a home with two parents, pets, and other children. He is eligible for financial subsidy.