Blair is a gifted athlete who does well in all sports and excels in baseball and basketball. He also enjoys watching TV, playing video games, and solving puzzles. A well-mannered 14-year-old, he gets along well with adults and his peers. Enrolled in the ninth grade, Blair is a good student and is often on the honor roll. Math is his favorite subject. His teachers describe him as hardworking and passionate about learning.

Blair has another passion - he loves animals and hopes one day to be a K-9 police officer. He was thrilled to have the opportunity recently to learn more about his chosen career when he spent a day with the New Jersey State Police K-9 Unit at its academy. He observed the extensive training process that officers and their canine partners must undergo, and also assisted with basic walking drills.

Therapy is helping Blair cope with issues arising from the many separations and losses he has experienced. He yearns to have a permanent home with a patient, loving, committed family that would provide the support and reassurance he needs. Blair is eligible for financial subsidy.