At 18, Douglas is handsome, athletic, and passionate about sports. He plays on his school's football and basketball teams, and he hopes to be a professional hoops star one day.

He also enjoys softball and soccer and has participated in seasonal leagues in both sports. But his interests do not end there. He also likes stand-up comedy. "I laugh when something is funny," he says.

Enrolled in 12th grade, Douglas receives special education services and benefits from the small class size and individual attention. Science, art, and gym are the classes he likes most. He is a good student and gets along well with his teachers and classmates.

Douglas has experienced many separations and losses, and yearns for a permanent home. He needs a family with a mom and a dad who will be patient, loving, and supportive. If other children are in the family, it would be best if they were about his age or younger.

An increasing number of companies are offering benefits to employees who adopt - including financial reimbursement for legal fees, agency fees, and post-adoption counseling. Some employers even offer paid leave and help in finding resources for adoptive parents.