So my roommate just turned 27 and started bringing a 50-year-old guy around. The age difference doesn’t bother me but I think my roomie may be using this poor guy for free dinner and gifts. What should I do?

Steve: Are you trying to protect her or him? Sounds like him. At 50, he knows the score. Not to put the horse before the cart, but successful May-December celebrity marriages include Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart, Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joan Collins/Percy Gibson and Warren Beatty/Annette Bening.

Mia: I'd bring it up with her and ask her about her motives because you may find a side of her personality that icks you out more then the May-December romance.

My girlfriend has a dog, a terrier named Moose. She loves her dog. I like him, too. But. She lets Moose sleep with us. We’ve been together three years so we’re not getting busy every night, but when I do snuggle up to my girl and start to move, Moose starts to bark. Maybe he thinks I am hurting her. Then we have to have a discussion about calming Moose. What can I do about Moose?

Mia: Kindly suggest obedience school or ask to bond alone with Moose more often. But don't give her an ultimatum. A girl will always choose her pooch over your a man.

Steve: Yes, Moose is being protective. You can ask your girl friend to "excuse" Moose when you are amorous and bar him from the bed. Or, try this: Beggin Strips. Dogs can't resist them. Hide a few in a sealed can in the bedroom and when he starts barking, throw a few on the floor. He will jump off the bed and you will have your treat, too.