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Steve: It is dangerous any way you look at it, starting with it's illegal. There's also the risk of disease and of being hurt by a john. Also loss of self-esteem. If she needs money, department stores will be hiring a lot of help for the holidays.

Mia: Oh boy, is this a bad idea. If she's interested in sex work, there are much safer avenues to go down and she should find sex workers in the community that can help her enter the business in a way that's not so laissez-faire. Instead, try Uber.

My husband, who I thought was a feminist, has said some things about the #MeToo movement that I’m not cool with. What do I do?

Mia: Is this about character or education? Because if he just needs to learn, that's one thing. If it's about character, that's another. It's important for him to hear where you're coming, but also important for you to listen as well. The big thing here is empathy – he's never had to deal with what women have to deal with and that's a huge part of understanding and allying with the movement.

 Steve: To follow Mia, if it's about character, you don't know his character? I'm sorry, your question is too vague for me to offer a better answer.