I always say that everyone has the potential to be great – it lies within – but it's really about what you do with that potential that makes all the difference. Coach Vermeil always preached that potential was a great waste and my intent is to not let that happen to you.

Through my journey, I worked hard. I never gave up and I never let doubt cloud the view of my goals. I am honestly not more amazing than anyone else, it's just that I found and used my potential to help me reach heights I never thought possible.

Because of my "unlikely" journey to football legend status, which began with very humble beginnings, I enjoy sharing my inspirational story to spread hope and encouragement. It's gives me great pleasure to inspire others to strive for success using the lessons I've learned along the way. I value each and every opportunity I have to help individuals, teams, and our younger generation realize their potential and pursue their dreams, even when others may say it's impossible.

And that's why I couldn't be more excited to pair with empowerment expert and entrepreneur powerhouse, Jen Groover, as we launch our Empowered to Be Invincible Tour, which will kick off on May 8th at Philadelphia University at 6 p.m. in the Kanbar Performance space. This will be an exciting and powerful event that will leave students, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike, energized and empowered to be invincible.

Please join us for a dynamic evening and let us empower you to be invincible and forge toward your dreams.

There are limited tickets available, so to order visit the ticket site.

Check out some highlights:

Looking forward to seeing you there!