When the Flyers finally hoist another Stanley Cup, can they do it on the familiar home ice of the Ed Snider Arena? Will Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid someday be doing their thing on the hardwood at the Hinkie Center (a.k.a. "The Process Center" — just trust us). Would civic leaders ever poke the stick of controversy with the Frank Rizzo Center, since, after all, there's a giant statue that's desperately looking for a new home?

In a recent column, I wrote that it's way past time to remove the name of Wells Fargo — the bank that's been dinged again and again by regulators for scams that targeted its own customers — from the arena in South Philly and instead honor someone who's a) from Philadelphia and b) actually deserving. And readers of Philly.com and its Facebook page had no shortage of suggestions for a new name. Some of them are even worth repeating. Here are 11 of the more intriguing, lightly edited for style:

I’d rather it just be called the Spectrum. Plain and simple. And no, not the Spectrum II. This is not a movie sequel. It’s a building. My second choice would be the Ed Snider Arena. Or how about the Liberty Center? Something synonymous with a Philadelphia and/or its history.Kevin Hearn

All over the country arenas, ballparks, football fields take money from a company and name that field or park or arena. Let’s just solicit a new partner who is aligned with our city’s morals and vision. Maybe a company whose corporate headquarters are here. Campbell Soup Arena sounds mm mm good to me 🙂 Suzanne Gleason

Name it for the three-time MVP and four-time NBA champion. Ben Simmons' Joint.Ronnie Dizel

Ha-ha, I'd like to see it called the F U [First Union] Center again. Kind of fitting for our city. — Bill Ott

 Ben Franklin Arena, William Penn Center, the Spectrum, Liberty Center Coliseum or Arena. — Andrew Hall

Here are my choices: Ed Snider, Chamberlain, Clarke, Erving, Balboa, Foles, or Kelce. — Mark Eberhardt

Lets name it the Process Center or Hinkie Center.Edward Lloyd

Frank Rizzo Center.Charles Klink

Either Wilt Chamberlain or Hank Gathers. — Mak Trolio Sr.

I can't believe how annoying Will Bunch is … but I agree the fans and media should take it upon themselves to give it a different name. Frazier Fieldhouse? Snider Arena? Concrete Charlie Center? The Dawkins Dome? Dr. J's Office? — Sam Roi

The Joe Frazier Center? Now that is a true Philly. — Jamie Rellis

Feel free to continue the conversation below or join the conversation on Facebook. As I'm sure Ed Rendell would tell you, there are plenty of interesting names that haven't come up yet.

Columnist Will Bunch has an idea. He wants the people of Philadelphia to rename the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Flyers, after a real hero.What should it be called?

Posted by philly.com on Sunday, April 22, 2018