A Woodbury Board of Education member who resigned from the post abruptly this year did so after, according to court records, he was charged with giving two minors unspecified medication.

Curtis Campbell, 43, was arrested Feb. 24 and charged with distributing prescription drugs to two unidentified minors, child endangerment, and child abuse relating to the drug disbursement, according to complaints filed by the Woodbury Police Department and provided by the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office.

The police and the Prosecutor's Office declined to provide additional details on the charges. It is likely that the charges and evidence will be brought before a grand jury, said Bernie Weisenfeld, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office.

Campbell's attorney, Mark Fury, in an e-mail said he did not have a comment on the charges.

"I haven't seen the charges or discovery," he said. "We will nonetheless defend the charges vigorously. Mr. Campbell maintains his innocence."

Court records indicate that Campbell posted $25,000 bail on Feb. 26. The same day, the Woodbury Board of Education unanimously approved his resignation at a public meeting.

Superintendent Joseph Jones said Tuesday that Campbell had offered a "verbal" resignation to the board.

"He gave no reason," said Jones, who declined to comment further. Campbell was elected to the board and began his term Jan. 1, 2013.

Authorities have declined to provide the ages, names, or relationships involving the victims. The complaints indicate that the alleged crimes occurred in late January.

Woodbury police, in declining to release the police report, said the investigation remained open.

Attempts to reach Campbell at two city addresses - one listed on the complaint, the other provided to police during the arrest - were unsuccessful.