STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - They gathered to celebrate Joe Paterno's 409 wins. But the most vocal at a rally at Pennsylvania State University on Friday night made it clear they were not yet satisfied.

Chants of "We want the statue" punctuated the peaceful night, as several hundred people celebrated Friday's announcement that the NCAA's consent decree - which levied strict sanctions on the football program in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky child-sex-abuse scandal - would be altered and 111 previously vacated Paterno wins from 1998 to 2012 would be restored. One additional victory from after Paterno was fired will be given back to Penn State as well.

The "statue" chants referred to the bronze likeness of Paterno that long stood outside Beaver Stadium, until it was placed in storage after the scandal.

A little before 9 p.m. on a blustery, 23-degree night, a smattering of students stood near the steps of the Old Main administration building, by the university's front gates.

The gathering - organized via social media and word of mouth - was less crowded than a similar rally in September after the NCAA announced that Penn State's postseason bowl ban would be lifted.

As chimes rang out from Old Main's bell tower at 9, shivering students began to arrive. One group dragged bags of bright, multicolored balloons. A few men carried a life-size Paterno cutout to the top of the building's steps.

Among chants of "We are" and the singing of the alma mater and "Sweet Caroline," Jake Mascaro beat a cowbell.

The 20-year-old student from Pittsburgh said coming out was a no-brainer despite the cold. With a family full of Penn State fans, "I grew up looking up to Joe Pa," Mascaro said.

The celebration on campus lasted only about 20 minutes before the crowd trekked across the Old Main lawn, crossing into downtown.

The marchers stopped on Beaver Avenue, lining the sidewalks. As cars passed and drivers honked their horns, students yelled back and forth as those in apartments above watched from balconies.

State College police officers came out in riot helmets and vests. Despite shouts of "We want the street" and "Shut down Beaver" - and some students stumbling into traffic - the crowd never tried to take over the streets.