Interboro board approves teachers pact

PROSPECT PARK The Interboro school board unanimously approved a contract with its 305-member teachers' union, whose salaries will increase 5.54 percent over the three-year agreement.

In return, teachers have agreed to some cost-saving changes to their medical and prescription benefits plans, according to the board.

Teachers, whose last contract expired June 30, approved the pact, 229-27.

The agreement runs from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2017, and the first pay raise comes next month. New teachers will make $45,242, and the maximum teacher salary, which requires a Ph.D., will be $102,518.

On Dec. 1, with no new contract after nearly a year of negotiations, teachers instituted a "work-to-rule" action in which they worked only their scheduled school day hours. That ended when teachers returned to school after the Christmas break. - Kathy Boccella