Interboro High School: Almost Maine  Just in time for the holiday season, Interboro High School presented their rendition of "Almost, Maine". A collection of cute vignettes, this play takes place in an unorganized territory of Maine nicknamed 'Almost.' Each anecdote takes place during at the same time in different parts of the territory on the same night. The play sets the mood for the holiday season with a cozy, wintry atmosphere. Every story is based on love, and each scene had something special to reveal. While not every account ends happily, all of the tales truly entertained the audience.

Two actors who showed great chemistry were Evan Redding and Natalie Dupont, as Jimmy and Sandrine. Their scene took place at the local bar in 'Almost,' the Moose Paddy. Redding's character was there to drink his heartache away while Dupont's character came with her friends to celebrate her own bachelorette party. Little did the two know they were going to run into each other, especially since they had once shared a romance. The awkwardness of the encounter on stage really made the audience laugh. Both actors worked well with each other to make a realistic scene, and the audience was thoroughly entertained.

Another actor who really showed his comedic side was Chris Simmons, playing Chad. In his scene, he "fell in love," literally. Simmons was not afraid to immerse himself in his character as he threw his body up into the air and on to the ground. His excellent work brought tears of laughter to the audience.

One brilliant aspect of this performance was the lighting. In order to depict an outdoor scene, the backdrop was a star carpet: a navy blue scrim with small flickering lights which mimic the night sky. The stage looked stunning with these lights, and it set quiet a tranquil mood. Also, a few of the scenes used a colorfully-lit Christmas tree to symbolize the spirit of the season. Though only a detail of the entire work, the set decoration established the mood for the performance.

Overall, Interboro High School's performance of "Almost, Maine" was very enjoyable. With a simple but lovely set, the actors worked well together to put their own twist on each tale. The audience filled the room with laughter during the performance, a reflection of the success of the cast's comedic efforts.