Oh the weather outside is frightful, but at the Academy of New Church, their production of White Christmas is so delightful! From intricate sets to flashy costumes, this production expresses wonderful Christmas spirit.

White Christmas tells the story of Bob Wallace (played by Brandon Good) and Phil Davis (Luke David): two young men who met while serving in the army during World War II, and have now (10 years later) made it big in show business. The two men meet a couple of lovely sisters, Betty and Judy Haynes (Grace Cowley and Leanna Zecher, respectively), at their performance in a nightclub. Phil and Judy collaborate to try and pair up Bob and Betty, who are both fairly cynical about love. They decide to trick Bob into getting on a train to Vermont where Phil, Betty, and Judy will also be on board. Once in Vermont, Bob and Phil find that their old General (Wayne Asplundh) is the owner of the inn that they are staying at. With business not doing well for the inn, they decide to turn an old barn into a theater and put on a Broadway quality production in just five days!

The sets depicted beautifully the world of White Christmas, with a giant barn dropping down from the ceiling complete with large archways, haystacks, and even a stage in the barn for the performances of Bob and Phil's show. Special effects included fluffy snow falling from the ceiling of the auditorium at the very end of the show onto the audience, leaving a lasting memory of the cast joined together singing the finale song "White Christmas" as white drifted down around them.

Highlights of the show included Leanna Zecher as Judy Haynes, whose beautiful vocals along with her comedic ability made Judy very fascinating to watch. Luke David effortlessly portrayed the suave ladies man Phil Davis, and Grace Cowley rendered a beautiful and sophisticated Betty Haynes. Jency Boyce and Taylor Henderson as Rita and Rhoda (respectively) came onstage throughout the show with high energy and large, adorable smiles. Cailin Elphick executed perfect comedic timing as the sarcastic Martha.

Academy of New Church's production of White Christmas was uplifting and truly a delight. With beautiful vocals from principles, wonderful portrayals of the characters, and complex sets, this production set the tone for a perfect white Christmas.