What if loneliness could be abolished, what are people really thinking when making small talk? The students at Interboro High School make light of these thoughtful questions in their incredible performance of All in the Timing. All in the Timing was written between 1987 and 1993 by David Ives. A collection of six short plays, the stories center on words, romance, and existentialism. Interboro High School added mini monologues introducing each story in order to present its meaning in a clearer way. Through their energy and comedic expression, the cast of crew of Interboro's All in the Timing, lit up the auditorium.

From the hilarious promo video created by Paul Bilardo and Jeff Ebner to the live tweets projected on the walls, the atmosphere was ripe with excitement before the show even started. While many characters were miked, the sound rarely faltered, never distracting from the performance itself. Stage crew did an outstanding job efficiently changing the set for each new scene so that it never felt long before the lights were back up and the audience was chuckling once again.

Evan Redding and Molly Evans in "Sure Thing" kicked off the show with an outstanding performance in which they frequently had to rewind and repeat many of the same lines, each time changing their expressions slightly. The chemistry between the two was palpable and their mannerisms truly enhanced the roles they played. Daniel Previti, Kelvin Lu, and Alyssa Evans were fascinating in the scene "Words, Words, Words" as monkeys; the way they effortlessly moved around the stage and shrieked was extremely impressive. The ensemble in "Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread" seamlessly played off of each other, never missing a beat as they continuously repeated words.

Not only did the cast and crew of All in the Timing wonderfully execute the performance, they truly inhabited their roles. It was evident that each of the characters had a solid grasp of the philosophical meaning of their roles. In order to convey the humor in comedies, its important that the performers feel comfortable on stage and the cast at Interboro High School definitely appeared this way.

From the opening of the curtain to when the characters took their bows, laughter filled the auditorium and enthusiasm oozed from the stage. Needless to say, Interboro High School did an absolutely fantastic job of presenting the quirky performance of David Ives' All in the Timing.