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A clothed Lindsay Lohan to face judge today

Lindsay Lohan is expected to be praised by judge in her probation progress report

My oh my! What a Lindsay Lohanian week it's been.

The sometime actor and Playboy starlet is preparing, as we speak, to appear this morning at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. our time) before Judge Stephanie Sautner in Los Angeles County Court for a progress report in her long road to rehabilitation.

TMZ says LiLo, who is on probation for stealing a necklace, has been a good girl thanks in large part to the judge.

Judge Sautner helped put structure back in LiLo's life by setting up a detailed schedule for LiLo's various required activities, including her community service work in the L.A. County Morgue and her therapy sessions.

Anonymous Source tells TMZ, LiLo has in fact exceeded the required hours of face-time with her therapy. (Some would say she needs thousands more hours there …)

And – and! – LiLo's morgue boss says her work has been spectacular!

LiLo's lawyer, Shawn Holley, says LiLo just needs structure, something her parents never provided.

It's been a busy month for LiLo:

  1. The Mean Girls star appears au naturel, in all her corporeal glory in Playboy – well sans her freckles, which Playboy cleverly (allegedly) airbrushed clean.

  2. But images from the Marilyn Monroe-styled photo spread are leaked online.

  3. While LiLo was in Hawaii celebrating her nude PR triumph, her $5,000 Chanel purse containing $10,000 in cash was stolen. Later it was returned sans the cash.

  4. LiLo is making headlines around the globe But she misses her big date with Ellen DeGeneres: LiLo was to unveil her Playboy spread on Thursday's edition of Ellen's daytime gabfest, but missed her plane back from Hawaii Tuesday, when she was to tape her appearance live.