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Lindsay Lohan: No Dubai orgy for me!

Lindsay Lohan says she's turned down lucrative offers to host New Year's Eve parties.

Lindsay Lohan, whose progress as law-abiding sober citizen is being monitored by the justice system, wants to be a good girl, a reformed girl.

She wants us to know she's turned over a new leaf (on the heels of turning over her nude self in Playboy).

This explains LiLo's enraged response to a report that claims the ex-con has signed a contract to be the guest celeb at a raging trillionaire's New Year's Eve Bacchanalia onboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner parked off the coast of Dubai.

(The United Arab Emirates city is the one wealthy playboy party town on the otherwise radically conservative Wahhabi-dominated Arabian Peninsula.)

TMZ reports that LiLo is threatening to sue organizers for using her name to promote the bash. (Other boldfacers reportedly booked for the do include Pamela Anderson, actor Liam Cunningham (The Guard), Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns star Lamman Rucker and English socialite Lady Victoria Hervey.)

LiLo rep Steve Honig tells TMZ ."Lindsay is not going to Dubai, nor had she ever considered doing so. She will be spending New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with a few close friends and family."

LiLo's peeps have been hard at work telling everyone that the one-time actor has turned down numerous lucrative offers to do her party girl thing at New Year's Eve parties across the known universe.

Organizers of the Dubai bash have yet to reply to TMZ's calls for comment.