What brought

David Arquette

to the Wachovia Center, where a leathered

Christina Aguilera

strapped him down and whipped him in front of a packed house?

A bus.

The actor, onetime AT&T pitchman, and husband of Courteney Cox-Arquette is on a 16-city tour promoting his directorial debut, the political slasher flick The Tripper. Plot: Hippies at a Dead-type concert are stalked by a killer obsessed with Ronald Reagan. ("Tripper" . . . "Gipper". . . Get it?) Stars include Jamie King, Jason Mewes, Balthazar Getty, Lukas Haas and Paul Reubens; Cox and Arquette have cameos.

On her "Back to Basics" tour, Aguilera enlists an audience member to be dominated while she sings "Nasty Naughty Boy." Aguilera and Arquette share publicist Cindy Guagenti of BWR, who'd realized that Arquette's and Aguilera's paths would cross here Tuesday night.

(Now that's flogging for your clients.)

While waiting for his close-up, Arquette sat for a chat at the Cingular Pavilion and posed for fan cell-phone photos.

Arquette said he decided on a "grass-roots" promo tour because "when I showed [The Tripper] to studios they didn't get the meaning of it." The release date of April 20 is set in stone, as it were; 4/20 is unofficially designated national pot-smoking day. No local screenings are yet slated.

Ballad of Larry and Yoko

Larry Kane

has interviewed

Yoko Ono

many times, but never before for TV. Their one-on-one sit-down will be seen Sunday on his CN8 show,

Voice of Reason

(9:30 p.m.). Ono tells the newsman she's not surprised at the continued remembrance of

John Lennon

"because his voice was a voice of truth and it has to keep on going." This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first meeting of Lennon and

Paul McCartney

, as well as the 40th anniversary of the Beatles'

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

. Kane's book

Lennon Revealed

is due soon in paperback.

Grudge match

Fox29's Jennaphr Frederick says she'll violate doc's orders at 7:55 a.m. today when she races Q102's Diego Ramos in a 50-yard charity sprint outside Fox29. "I have two herniated disks," says Frederick. The race, costing the loser $500, was originally suggested by Q102's Booker as a boxing match. Ramos refused to hit a woman. Ramos, who previously outran a llama, says, "I just raced a 22-year-old intern, and I beat her. I know I can beat [Frederick]." Frederick who cops to having large calves, says: "I'm not a runner [but] that little squatty guy's going down."

Online update (Thursday morning): Even though Frederick jumped the gun, Ramos soundly defeated her.

? !



? The Philly DJ had to fly out to Australia, so

Pete Rock


King Britt

will spin in his stead with


at tonight's party for the do-gooder Good Magazine at Reading Terminal Market at 9. The $20 admission covers food and drinks and a subscription; see details at goodmagazine.com/events/philly.

Stand-up guy


Walt Hunter

and CN8's

Janet Zappala

play TV newsies in


, the

Bill Duke

-directed film about "straight" men and their undercover gay liaisons; it wraps here today. Hunter, a 27-year vet, gave Duke a lesson in street reporting. When asked to interview a suspect and his attorney, "I gently pointed out that in real life, you'd first ask one the question and then the other." TV news uses one camera, and it's awkward to change angles. Ah. The scene was shot Hunter's way.

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