A look at some of the more intimate films of summer that may prove to be sleeper hits or quiet gems. In other words, movies about character rather than special effects:

Jindabyne Sport fishermen on vacation find the body of a murdered woman but don't report it until the end of their holiday. Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney costar in this adaptation of a Raymond Carver short story. (May 18)

Paris, je t'aime An all-star omnibus devoted to the City of Light, with 20 short films, each set in one of Paris' arrondissements, and each from a famous director (or directors - Coen brothers are behind one). (June)

Knocked Up Slacker (Seth Rogen) and career gal (Katherine Heigl) have a one-night stand that leads to parenthood. Written and directed by Judd (40-Year-Old Virgin) Apatow. (June 1)

I Could Never Be Your Woman Michelle Pfeiffer stars as a single mom who falls for a younger man (Paul Rudd) as her daughter falls in love for the first time. Amy (Clueless) Heckerling wrote and directed. (June 15)

Death at a Funeral Macabre Brit-com from director Frank Oz and producer (and former Philadelphian) Sidney Kimmel. (June 29)

Ratatouille A Paris restaurant rat - that's right, a rodent - aspires to become a French chef in this animated feature from The Incredibles' Brad Bird. (June 29)

Talk to Me Don Cheadle rules as "Petey" Greene, the controversial radio personality who gave voice to the civil rights era in '60s Washington. (July 13)

Penelope Christina Ricci and James McAvoy star in this contemporary fairy tale about true love. (Aug. 17)

Becoming Jane This being a chronicle of Miss Austen's first romance, starring Anne Hathaway as the future Pride and Prejudice author and James McAvoy as her dashing Irish swain. (Aug. 10)

Rocket Science High school stutterer tries out for debate team to win girl in this engaging, oddball Jersey tale. (Aug. 17)

- Carrie Rickey and Steven ReaEndText