DEAR ABBY: This may seem like a dumb question: Can you get pregnant when your breasts are still underdeveloped? My boyfriend says you can't. I'm afraid to keep birth control in my room because my little sister snoops. She would be sure to show it to our parents.

- Questioning in Oklahoma

DEAR QUESTIONING: There are no "dumb" questions. Breast development has nothing to do with whether a girl can become pregnant. Under no circumstances should you have unprotected sex. You risk pregnancy and also sexually transmitted infections.

DEAR ABBY: After six months, my son and daughter-in-law are being divorced. They would like to return the wedding gifts. How should they go about returning the money, and what do you say?

- Embarrassed in New York

DEAR EMBARRASSED: Be glad they realized they made a mistake before any grandchildren came along. If they made a list of how much money various guests gave them, they should have no trouble writing checks to them for those amounts. They should thank them again, and tell them that "regretfully, the marriage did not work out." Same for any UNUSED gifts.

DEAR ABBY: I ended an engagement 10 months ago. However, my ex-fiance has sent me letters, and there is evidence he has sat on my porch waiting for me to come home. He tries to pry details about my new relationship out of a friend. Now he plans to attend a play I am appearing in.

- Needs an "Ex"orcist in St. Charles, Mo.

DEAR NEEDS AN "EX"ORCIST: The police can tell you what precautions to take - and if the man has a history of stalking. *