Major League Baseball

(3:30-7 p.m., Fox29) - The Phillies are back home for a 10-game homestand following a rough stint on the road. They host the Chicago Cubs and their red-hot slugger, Derrek Lee.

Cold Case (8-9 p.m., CBS3) - Two TV mystery veterans, Brynn Thayer (Matlock) and William R. Moses (the Perry Mason and Jane Doe movies), guest-star in "Honor." Thayer plays the wife of a Vietnam prisoner of war killed after his return home in 1972. Moses plays one of Lilly's (Kathryn Morris) prime suspects, who as a teenager was bitter that his own father, also a POW, hadn't come home. The widow's boyfriend also looks good for the crime, however.

Casablanca (8-9:45 p.m., WHYY TV12) - This all-time classic, which may have been responsible for more famous lines than any other film in history, stars Humphrey Bogart as a nightclub owner in wartime Morocco and Ingrid Bergman as his old flame, now married to a leader of the anti-German resistance.

Cold Mountain (8-11 p.m., USA) - Renee Zellweger makes up for Nicole Kidman's artfully messy hair and single-smudged face by looking as if she actually has done manual labor in this 2003 Civil War drama. Zellweger stars as a struggling woman who is hired by prissy Ada (Kidman) to help work her farm when the menfolk leave for war. While Ada's getting blisters, her true love (Jude Law) has deserted and is trying to get home. Donald Sutherland, Brendan Gleeson and Ray Winstone also star.

Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (9:15 p.m..-midnight, TNT) - The second half of Quentin Tarantino's epic revenge fable finds the strapping, stupendous Uma Thurman continuing her quest to find the man who left her for dead on the eve of her wedding. There's less over-the-top violence than in Vol. 1 (there's still plenty, though), and more character and backstory.