May 13-19 is Food Allergy Awareness Week. With that in mind, we offer this short guide to allergy-friendly eating in the Philadelphia area:

Copper Desserts: Mount Airy baker Kierra Strayhorn Winters makes organic, vegan and gluten-free cakes. Available at the Jamaican Jerk Hut, 1436 South Street, or at More information: 267-323-2569

P.F. Chang's China Bistro: Some food-allergic people avoid Asian cuisine entirely because of concerns about MSG or peanuts (an ingredient in many dishes). The waiters at P.F. Chang's will ask about food allergies or dietary concerns when they take your order, and the chain offers a special gluten-free menu.

Audrey Claire: Susan Taichman-Robins runs two food-allergy lobbying groups: the Anaphylaxis Resource Initiative (ARI-PA) and the Pennsylvania Food Allergy Alliance. The namesake restaurant from her sister, Audrey Claire Taichman, offers a nut-free menu. 276 S. 20th St.,

Brasserie Perrier: Chef Chris Scarduzio is always happy to accommodate customers with food allergies. Since dishes are prepared from scratch for each customer, meals can be customized to omit allergens. 1619 Walnut St.,

Whole Foods: Need we say more?

Martindale's Natural Market: A family-owned business, Martindale's caters to specialty and hypoallergenic diets and provides a host of other natural, organic products and complementary therapies. 1172 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, 610-543-6811,

- Meredith Broussard