Ranking the givers

The Giving Back Fund, which serves as charity consiglieri to celebs who want to give back, has ranked


as its No. 1 celeb giver. The gabfest guru gave away $58.3 mil last year, compared with

Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie

's paltry $2.4 mil, which puts them at No. 11.

Barbra Streisand

's $11.7 mil puts her at a very buttery No. 4. Domestic diva and ex-con

Martha Stewart

is No. 7, after spending $5 mil to clear her karma. Want to give back like the stars? Visit

» READ MORE: www.givingback.org


In other charity news, the U.N. Refugee Agency said last week that Brangelina's Jolie-Pitt Foundation had donated $1 mil to help three dot.orgs give humanitarian aid to families displaced by the Darfur crisis.

He'll be back, no?



franchise has been acquired - reportedly, for an eight-figure sum - by the Halcyon Co. Founded by biz guys

Derek Anderson


Victor Kubicek

, Halcyon says it will make a new


trilogy, adding that


, based on a script by

John Brancato


Michael Ferris

, is already a go.

Troublingly, the company makes no mention of Arnold Schwarzenegger. E!Online says Arnie's involvement would appear to be impossible: T4 is slated for a summer '09 release, but Arnold is committed as California governor till 2011. His rep says that there's no law against his boss' doing a picture, but that the film is "not even on his radar."

Besides, by '09 the Austrian-born former bodybuilder will have found a way to win the White House, right?

The Petition Wars . . .

. . . rage on!

While everyone knows there is an online petition that urges California's Govinator to free Paris Hilton from having to serve her 45-day jail sentence, USA Today reports there's a second campaign by folks who want Paris behind bars.

So who's on top? As of Friday evening, the Free Paris petition (www.ipetitions.com/petition/PH21781) had an impressive 22,837 signatures.

But Paris lovers, beware!

With a sobering 54,137 signatures, the Jail Paris site (www.ipetitions.com/petition/jailparishilton) had more than twice as many. The people have spoken.

With love, Love contemplates

Looks as if the new and sober

Courtney Love

is finally ready to sell off all the belongings of her late husband,

Kurt Cobain

. Writing on her Web site, Love says she's trying to reach deep to figure out how to use the proceeds for the good. She says Buddhist meditation and chanting help.

"I chanted two hours tonight and really thought about where the money should go," Love says. She says she wants to "do good works" as a patron for young artists. But she also wants to help folks "deal with self-destructive fantasies and suicidal ideation at a young age." The topic is close to home: Cobain committed suicide in '94.

'Survivor': CNN Island

In a bold move, CNN has finally admitted the only real qualification for being a news anchor is . . .



The venerable cable-news network has announced Yul Kwon, who handily won Survivor: Cook Island, will be a guest correspondent for CNN tomorrow through Wednesday.

Born in Queens, N.Y., to South Korean emigres, Kwon won Survivor in its 13th season, which divided teams by race. The Stanford-educated Kwon, who has also attended officer candidate school for the Marine Corps and earned a Yale law degree, will cover stories as part of CNN's Uncovering America, a series of programs about the contribution of various racial groups "to the American fabric." UA, which debuted in February with a focus on African Americans, this month will address issues in Asian American communities.

Spread the word around

Irish rock band

Thin Lizzy

, whose singer and main songwriter,

Phil Lynott

, died in '86, is back. The band, infamous for having two lead guitarists who could unleash a hellish assault, formed in '70 and hit it semi-big with a string of hits, including "The Boys Are Back in Town." Members say they've scheduled a 17-concert tour of the U.K. No word on whether they'll come to America or record any new music.

Hailing Barker

"I do not have any regrets about retiring," says 83-year-old TV mastermind

Bob Barker

, who will retire this year after half a century on the air. "Isn't that strange? I expected to have second thoughts."

CBS, home to Barker's show, The Price Is Right, will air two prime-time shows - at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday - to say goodbye to the host, who began his national career in '56 with Truth or Consequences.

The shows will feature guests and clips from Barker's storied career.