When Amir grows up he wants to take care of kids, so he is thinking of becoming a police officer or a firefighter. For now, the energetic 8-year-old delights in any activity that keeps him in motion. During a recent afternoon at a family-fun center, he was constantly on the go, playing basketball and Skeeball and climbing through tunnels. A fun-loving boy with a great sense of humor, Amir appreciates a good joke. He can be kindhearted and caring.

Amir seeks out attention and thrives when the focus is solely on him. Through therapy, he is learning to express himself in a more positive manner and to ask for help when he needs it. In school, he is enrolled in regular education classes.

Currently residing in a foster home, Amir would benefit greatly from a loving, patient, permanent family. He has endured many disappointments and disruptions in his young life and needs to be reassured that the family will support and encourage him and will not abandon him. He would do best in a two-parent or single-male household, where he would be the youngest or only child.