Jefferson Airplane

front woman and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer

Grace Slick

is also a painter - fact, some call her a "painter-extraordinaire." (That'd be the PR folk who wrote the news release.)

The 66-year-old psychedelic goddess, who studied art as a youth at the University of Miami, decided in '89 to pick up the brushes once again and let loose on stretched canvas. You can see her work - and her - at a two-day show at Wentworth Gallery at the Court in the King of Prussia Mall Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. Info: 610-337-8988 or

From 'L&O' to the Oval?

Former U.S. Sen.

Fred Thompson

, who plays the delightfully gruff district attorney Arthur Branch on NBC's

Law & Order

, is exiting the show - possibly to run as a Republican candidate for president.

Thompson, who represented Tennessee, has yet to make an official announcement but has been making exploratory appearances and blogging on issues.

NBC entertainment prez Kevin Reilly said Thompson will leave even if he decides against running.

Celebrity humility

Bruce Willis

finally asks what's been on every citizen's mind for years: "Why do actors think their opinions mean more because [they] act?" Bruce says he's sick of celebs who act like self-appointed experts on everything around the globe.

Bruce proved his point handily with, "Have you heard anything useful come out of an actor's mouth lately?" Well, have you?

Willis-onian linguistics

In another matter, Bruce is apparently angry the suits cut his more colorful dialogue from

Live Free or Die Hard

, so they could finagle a PG-13 from the MPAA.

John McClane

can no longer say his most excellent

Die Hard

catchphrase, "Yippe-ki-yay, [filthy word]."

The Rolling cheapskate?

Talented, sexy, lippy and filthy rich

Mick Jagger

is totally cool about everything except . . . money. Or so said Mick's ex,

Jerry Hall

, according to London's Daily Mail. "He always wanted me to pay for everything to do with the house and children," said Hall, who has four kids with the rocker. Hall, 50, revealed Mick was


: "Hopefully that big love will happen again with someone else, but I'm quite resigned that if it doesn't, I will still find ways to be happy."

Baby roundup

Sheryl Crow

spent Mother's Day with her own child,

Wyatt Steven

, a 2-week-old boy the singer adopted last week. Meanwhile,

Donald Trump

is a grandpa. On Saturday, The Donald's son,

Donald Trump Jr.

, and wife


welcomed their first babe, the 6-pound, 14-ounce girl,

Kai Madison

. (Wonder how many times gramps'll do the "you're fired!" thing at Kai till she can finally leave home for college . . . in

18 years


Mary J. sizes up her man

"I think I fell in love with him . . . but got scared because he was the type of man I'd never seen before," says

Mary J. Blige

about her courtship with her love, hubby

Kendu Isaacs

. In an interview with Essence mag, Mary says Isaacs "had this 'I can take care of you. I can make you feel safe' thing. And I needed that."

Survival of the nicest

Ad executive

Earl Cole

, 35, proved that nice guys can finish first, even in a snake pit, when he was voted the winner of

Survivor: Fiji

on Sunday night. Cole, from Santa Monica, Calif., took the $1 million prize by making the deals he had to make while still preserving his popularity. He was the unanimous choice of the nine-member jury.