Discrimination at 'Purple'?

A former stylist and dresser for

Oprah Winfrey's

lavish Broadway production of

The Color Purple

has filed a lawsuit saying she was fired for suggesting that not enough men and women of color were working on the show, the New York Post and TMZ.com report.

Filed in federal court in Manhattan, Shawnique Hill's suit alleges discrimination, breach of contract and wrongful termination. Hill says she approached one of her bosses and said that "while the talent employed onstage was a cast of African American actors . . . the crew . . . was caucasian with the exception of three persons of color."

Hill, an African American, says her supervisor, a white man, offended her by addressing her as "sister" and "girlfriend."

A rep for the show was terse: "We are confident there has been no violation of the law."

Heidi's salvific message

A beacon of hope for so many, former professional madame and current entrepreneur/fashion designer/actress

Heidi Fleiss


Paris Hilton

some maternal advice about proper jail etiquette.

Speaking through the L.A. Times, Heidi tells Paris that her 23-day jail term will be a cinch. Fleiss, who did a 21-month stretch for tax evasion, says she has "spent nights in plenty of places that are worse than jail."

Water, water everywhere

In an "Exclusive!", TMZ.com has obtained a complaint filed by first-generation supermodel

Cheryl Tiegs

against Los Angeles County. Tiegs says that leaks from storm drains across the street from her house in Bel Air have caused the land under her manse to shift and slide.

Tiegs, who says she has hired someone to make repairs on her house, says the county has been negligent. She says her damages "are expected to be in excess of several million dollars."

Pam faces down the rebels

There are signs everywhere at Cannes that the paparazzi-vs.-celeb conflict is about to explode, that what once was an almost genteel set of sectarian conflicts is about to escalate into a full-blown civil war.

Things were especially bad Friday when Pamela Anderson showed up at the provincial filmfest in the south of France and proceeded to complain bitterly about the paparazzi.

In town to promote her new brain teaser, Blonde and Blonder, Pam spat in the eye of French culture when she said Cannes was "a frenzy. It's crazy. It's silly."

Simmering discontent finally found voice when the assembled paparazzi booed Pam - with such ferocious passion did they boo her! - for showing up late to a photo session only to leave abruptly.

Moore's abominable goodness

Michael Moore

, whose newest docu,


, critiques the U.S. health-care system, has drawn the ire of one of his staunchest critics,

Jim Kenefick


» READ MORE: www.moorewatch.com


The New York Daily News reports that shortly after Kenefick wrote a piece about his difficulty paying his wife's medical bills, he received an anonymous offer for the $12,000 he'd need to pay his health-insurance premiums. Kenefick accepted.

The News says it has confirmed Moore sent the money. Kenefick, who said he had suspected as much, is not tickled: "I knew [Moore] was using me" to publicize Sicko, he told the News.

Writing on his Web site, Kenefick concludes Moore is "throwing me pocket change in order to try to humiliate me later."