Zamir, 10, describes himself as "friendly, nice, good at writing stories, drawing and playing video games." He is also involved in many other activities, including playing basketball, singing, dancing, acting and listening to rap music.

Enrolled in a special education program, Zamir does very well with his schoolwork. His favorite subject is reading and he is one of the best readers in his group. Developmentally, he is on target.

Through therapy, Zamir is learning to cope with behavioral and emotional issues arising from the separations and losses he has experienced in his young life. In addition, he is making progress in increasing his social skills and talking about his feelings.

Currently residing in a foster care facility, Zamir wants very much to be adopted. To him, adoption means "having a mom and dad forever." He says that he would like to be in a home that will provide him with food, clothing and shelter, and to have parents who will love him and treat him with respect. Zamir is in good physical health. He is very close to his younger brother and the relationship should be maintained.