How I Met Your Mother

(8-8:30 p.m., CBS3) - Goodbye, Old Paint . . . er, old Pontiac. Marshall (Jason Segel) has a dilemma when his precious Fiero bites the dust before the odometer hits the 200,000-mile mark. Should he get it fixed or let it go to the big parking lot in the sky? Neil Patrick Harris also stars.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

(8-9 p.m., 6ABC) - Boy buys Christmas tree, boy loses Christmas tree, boy gets Christmas tree in this practically perfect little half hour based on the


comic strip. In a case of gilding the lily - or poinsettia - CBS follows this perennial holiday favorite with a half hour of holiday vignettes featuring Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and their other friends.

NFL Football

(8:30-11:30 p.m., ESPN) - Are you all Brady-ed out by now? Sick of seeing that coach on the sideline, arms crossed, in that half-sleeved hoodie? Well, you're probably not alone, but for fans of the New England Patriots, watching their team spotlighted on the exclusive national TV game for the third week in a row is perfect. Kinda like Tom Brady and the Pats themselves, who are 11-0 and hoping to increase that streak after tonight's game in Baltimore.

Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen

(9-10 p.m., MNT17) - Who needs another reindeer tale? If that's your reaction to this stop-motion animated special, you're missing out on some fun. Fred Savage voices Rusty, a reindeer who feels relegated to a bit part in the goings-on at the North Pole. Looking for answers, he stumbles upon a support group for holiday mascots with issues, including a pair of angst-y teenage ghosts, a Thanksgiving turkey, and a surly Cupid.

Saving Grace

(10-11 p.m., TNT) - If you haven't found this show yet, you're missing a treat. Holly Hunter is nothing short of brilliant as Grace Hanadarko, an Oklahoma City detective with a troubled past . . . and an angel buddy named Earl (Leon Rippy), who's trying to help her improve her present and future. A short run of new episodes begins with "It's Better When I Can See You," which finds Grace trapped at a disaster scene with one of the victims.