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Sideshow | Quaids sue over twins' drug

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid filed a lawsuit in a Chicago court yesterday against Baxter Healthcare Corp., manufacturer of the drug heparin. The Quaids' newborn twins, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, accidentally received a massive overdose of the blood thinner



Kimberly Quaid

filed a lawsuit in a Chicago court yesterday against Baxter Healthcare Corp., manufacturer of the drug heparin. The Quaids' newborn twins,

Thomas Boone


Zoe Grace

, accidentally received a massive overdose of the blood thinner Nov. 18 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. The babies and a third patient were given heparin from a vial that contained the drug at a concentration 1,000 times stronger than prescribed. The Quaids' suit, seeking more than $50,000 in damages, claims the company was negligent in packaging different doses of heparin in similar vials.

Quaid attorney

Susan E. Loggans

, who says the twins are home and "appear to be doing well," said "the point of this case is to save other children from this fate. [The Quaids] are not looking for money." The suit says the same dosage error killed three children in Indianapolis last year. The drug company has yet to comment.

Disney boss top woman; Jodie Foster gets award

Anne Sweeney

, prez of the Disney-ABC Television Group, tops the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment: Power 100 list, which this year includes very few celebs in top spots.


, No. 6 on the list, is the only one in the top 10. One celeb was given high honors yesterday at the awards breakfast:

Jodie Foster

received this year's

Sherry Lansing

Leadership Award, bestowed on a woman who is a pioneer or leader in her field.

Police visit J.Lo's house

The L.A. police tell

Access Hollywood

that officers went to

Marc Anthony


Jennifer Lopez

's Bel-Air pad Monday night to check into reports that a "suspicious individual" was lurking outside the home while J.Lo and Marc were out.

Cops were informed by a




paparazzo stationed outside the house that some "disheveled" dude in a

Star Wars

T-shirt (there we go, maligning

George Lucas

, of all people) and carrying a stack of CDs rang the doorbell, deposited a package at the door and left. Police say there was no threat involved, and so they left the disheveled guy alone.

Local filmmaker in Slamdance

Song Sung Blue

, a film by Haddonfield-based director

Greg Kohs

, has been picked as one of 10 documentary features that will be shown in competition at the Slamdance film festival in January at Park City, Utah.

A docu about the life and times of a

Neil Diamond

tribute band,


took eight years to make. It will be screened on Jan. 20 and 24 at Slamdance, the super-alterna, indier-than-thou filmfest that was created as an alternative to that indie-industry whore, Sundance.

Tina slams Paris, Paula

Upper Darby's superior contribution to pop culture,

Tina Fey

, slams the nation's two most beloved role models and public intellectuals,

Paris Hilton


Paula Abdul


Tina, who once said Paris "looks like a [transsexual] up close," tells Playboy mag (reports

Access Hollywood

) that "Paris is a terrible role model and a terrible young woman." Tina said she's shocked and appalled by the fact that teen girls look up to the celebutante.

As for Paula, who briefly worked with Tina as a guest star on

Saturday Night Live

? "She was awful," Tina says. "I remember thinking, 'She's a disaster! I gotta prop this lady up and get her on TV.' " Can you feel the love?

A 'rush into oblivion'?

Amy Winehouse

, who was well on her way to becoming the universe's grandest dame of the blues is instead wallowing in her own - allegedly drug-fueled - pain.

London paper the Daily Mail has photos of a very scruffy-looking, thin and barefoot Amy wandering the streets of London on Sunday wearing nothing but a red bra and jeans. A Mail poet writes that Amy had the "pale moon face of a frightened, lonely little girl who had everything - looks, talent, money, love - and now has nothing."

The headline asks, "Why is no one acting to stop [Amy's] headlong rush into oblivion?"

Things haven't improved. In a later report, the Mail says Amy got a 4 a.m. visit yesterday morning from none other than

Pete Doherty

- the rocker who has made more drug-related headlines than

Pablo Escobar


Showering love

On Monday night, 100 regular, non-celeb moms and moms-to-be were treated to a baby shower by

Nicole Richie


Joel Madden

, who are expecting their own baby in January. The event, at the L.A. Free Clinic, is one of the first do-good acts undertaken by the newly founded Richie Madden Children's Foundation.

"The looks on their faces were priceless," said Nicole, who showered the little folk with $200,000 worth of gifts. "Some of them didn't even believe us. They thought we were joking."

Then Joel chimed in: "It's nice to connect with people on a real level."

Kidman to sue over scent

Nicole Kidman

says she is filing suit against Brit paper the Daily Telegraph for its claim that Nicole prefers wearing Jo Malone's White Jasmine and Mint scent to Chanel No. 5, which she's paid to front for. Nicole's lawyers said in a statement the allegations were "entirely untrue" and "grossly defamatory." They said they demand "an immediate retraction."

Bonaduce coming to town


Danny Bonaduce

will be coming to town Jan. 19 for a celebrity boxing match, and promoter

Damon Feldman

is looking for a challenger, a nonprofessional between 160 and 200 pounds. Sign-up ($50) will be from 7 to 10 p.m. tomorrow at R.P. McMurphy's (2621 MacDade Blvd., Holmes). Info: 484-318-6133.

Air apparent

Couzin Ed

, a likely new hire at WYSP-FM (94.1), will do an air shift from 9 p.m. till midnight today.

Bale signs up


Christian Bale

will play the grow'd up John Connor in the McG-helmed third sequel,

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

. Sorry: No


this time.