Great Performances

(7:30- 9:30 p.m., WHYY-TV12) The scenery is as appealing as the sounds in the new episode "Vivere: Andrea Bocelli Live in Tuscany." The celebrated tenor performs at a theater built on the slope of an ancient Italian hill town and is joined by Chris Botti, Sarah Brightman, David Foster, Kenny G and other performers for a 90-minute show.

Back to You

(8-8:30 p.m., Fox29) When Gracie (Laura Marano) spots Chuck (Kelsey Grammer) at the restaurant where she and Kelly (Patricia Heaton) are dining, she invites him to join them. Chuck and Gracie get along famously, which has Kelly facing a dilemma.

Criminal Minds

(9-10 p.m., CBS3) Doctor, please report to Room 101. This episode may put you in mind of the novel


and the movie

, both of which featured people being tortured by the things they feared most. Here, it's a psychiatrist who's finding out what people's biggest fears are and using that knowledge to kill them. Thomas Gibson stars.


(10-11 p.m., CBS3) Illusionist Criss Angel guest stars as - surprise! - an illusionist who has come to perform his tricks on the streets of New York, where two of his crew members turn up dead. Here's the weird part the CSI team has to deal with: Each victim died in a manner that mimics one of the boss' tricks. But they're just illusions, right? Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes star.