NBC is trying out "Saturday Night Live" compilations as a regular primetime series on Saturdays.

Four 90-minute "best of" shows will air starting tomorrow and on Dec. 15, Dec. 22 and Dec. 29 from 9:30-11 p.m. If successful, "SNL" clip shows could continue running on Saturdays, where they serve as a lead-in to the late-night sketch show that starts after 11 p.m. local newscasts.

Sources indicated that plans for a series of "SNL" specials to air Saturday nights have been in the works for months and are not related to the ongoing writers' strike.

Saturday has become a land of repeats for the major broadcast networks, and "SNL"-branded shows are considered a good alternative to drama reruns on the other channels. They also might help original "SNLs" at 11:30 p.m. when the show returns to production after the strike. *