Jungle Girl

" is one of the more pleasant surprises of 2007.

When this book was announced, many felt it would be simply another T&A book that would distinguish itself with some Frank Cho covers.

However, the results so far have been impressive. While Jana, the star of "Jungle Girl," does not quite match her fellow Dynamite hellion, Red Sonja, in the toughness or nastiness department, and while her stories have not been quite as epic as those starring the She-Devil With a Sword, she comes darn close.

Jana's adventures are light years ahead in quality from other current and recent titles starring other, well, jungle girls. The writing and art on this title far supersede those of Devil's Due's "Sheena" series, and while Marvel's recent "Shanna the She-Devil" limited series could boast the insane storytelling of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, the art on that book was weak compared to the bootylicious renderings of Jana by Adriana Batista. The coloring by Frank Martin helps make the whole book look positively gorgeous.

It is clear that writer Doug Murray is having fun and that he wants those who read it to have fun as well. The introductory No. 0 issue was priced at 25 cents - meaning there should still be plenty available at comics shops - in order to pull in curious readers. It took only two pages for Murray to show he intended to keep them by having Jana, in an impressive splash page, stare down a gigantic Mosasaurus while shouting, "Here I am! Come and get me, stupid!" and then single-handedly do in her prospective dinner with moves that combine a bit of Bruce Lee, Aquaman and Beowulf.

That issue ended with a plane crash, bringing visitors from "civilization." The next three issues feature cliffhangers as well, in addition to the obligatory clash of cultures, exotic plants and creatures, cavemen, a kidnapping by a superstitious tribe, mastodons and wall-to-wall action and fun.

Yes, the title character hardly has any clothes on. But what makes this book enjoyable is that it hardly has any faults.

Will cast do film justice?

The Los Angeles Times reported this past week that Adam Brody, best known for portraying a heartthrob on "The O.C.," has landed the role of the Flash in the highly anticipated Justice League film. Warner Brothers has refused to confirm the report.

This comes on the heels of the New York Post reporting that Australian supermodel Megan Gale had beaten out Jessica Biel for the role of Wonder Woman in the film. Warner Bros. has refused to confirm this, either.

In fact, Warner Bros. has been reluctant to even confirm that the film has been greenlit.

Indeed, the studio is expected to hold off on an announcement until all the roles are cast and a glitzy, high-profile news conference can be put together to promote the film, which is expected to hit theaters in 2009.

Date change for 'Wanted'

In a press release, Universal Pictures announced it is moving the release date of the highly anticipated "Wanted" from March 28 to June 27, 2008.

The movie is based on comics by Mark Millar and stars James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Common and Angelina Jolie.

In explaining the change, Universal's Nikki Rocco said, "We believe it can stand shoulder to shoulder with the event titles of the summer. . . . We're excited to date the film on June 27." *

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