Coasters as notes

Silicone Coaster Notz protect furniture surfaces and are beautiful in the bargain. From Modern Twist, they come in a variety of patterns. We especially like the frosted Birds 'N Trees design. Style them as personalized placecards or jot down wine notes using a ballpoint pen, then simply wipe clean.

Coaster Notz, 4-inch squares, set of 4, $21. At Foster's Homeware, 399 Market St., 800-734-8511.

- Marilynn Marter

Food trivia your game?

Foodies will enjoy testing their knowledge of the people, places, culture and history of food with this fun trivia game.

Try this quick quiz:


What queen comes from Joliet, Ill.?


What pasta pillow was popular by 1284 in Rome?


What state leads in Spam consumption?


Who is the owner of Chez Panisse?

Foodie Fight: A Triva Game for Serious Food Lovers, $18.95, at bookstores and

- M.M.


(1) Dairy Queen; (2) Ravioli; (3) Hawaii; (4) Alice Waters.

Super mitt

Time to upgrade your pot holders before the holiday baking and cooking. These oven mitts are made of a patented material that is heat resistant (to 500 degrees), waterproof and won't stain. Plus, the nonskid texture makes for a better grip.

Kitchen Grips oven mitt, $16.50 at Foster's Homeware, 399 Market St., 800-734-8511


- Maureen Fitzgerald