There are times when you can't believe what your eyes are seeing on the TV screen. Such was the case this week during

Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular

on VH1.

Larry got all dressed up - laundered overalls - for this holiday celebration, which featured a lambasting of Santa in the style of the old Dean Martin Celebrity Roast on NBC.

And what a lineup he brought together to jolly up St. Nick. In addition to George Wendt (Norm on Cheers) as Santa, there was Lisa Lampanelli as Mrs. Claus; Flavor Flav, George Wallace and Katt Williams as the Three Wise Men; Jim "Goatboy" Breur as the Easter Bunny; Vicki Lawrence in full Mama's Family guise; and a tuxedoed Tony Orlando.

I'm guessing that Ruth Buzzi, Mr. T and Gary Coleman had previous engagements.

Football jugger . . . not. The placement of ads often turns out to be ironic. Case in point, the Citizen watch spot that played during Sunday's Eagles-Giants game.

The commercial declared: "Eli Manning is unstoppable!" (This is the ad campaign for athletes so uncharismatic they're not permitted to speak a single word.)

But the spot came on right after Manning had failed to get the Giants into the end zone despite having first and goal at the two. In fact, he got extra chances after an Eagles penalty and still couldn't score.

Unstoppable? I don't think so.

Speaking of that game, is Fox analyst Daryl Johnston ever right? If a referee's call goes to instant replay and Johnston states that he's absolutely certain it will be overturned, you can bet the house it will be upheld.

Every single time. That Moose - he's money.

A no-hankie movie. Had a little trouble buying into ABC's weepy Sunday movie, Mitch Albom's For One More Day. First of all, Ellen Burstyn as Michael Imperioli's mother? Are there any two people on the planet who look less related?

Then there was the matter of believing Imperioli as a former catcher for the New York Mets. I kept picturing this scrawny guy trying to block the plate as Prince Fielder comes chugging around third.

Texas amnesty. I'm so glad Landry had all those murder charges against him dropped on NBC's Friday Night Lights (mostly because I hated that contrived plot line anyway). But his father (former 24 standout Glenn Marshower), who is a policeman in Dillon, burned the car his son used to transport the body. Isn't that - at the very least - impeding a felony investigation? Does that get forgiven, too?

The ultimate Authority. Next month, the Philadelphia Parking Authority gets its own reality series, Parking Wars, on A&E. It's about time. This is an organization as powerful as the Masons, as mysterious as the Leprechauns Guild. I'm curious to see if the PPA's minions can even be captured on film.

The hits keep coming. Can the writers strike get any more painful for viewers? This week ABC offered up back-to-back reruns of According to Jim from the 2006 season.

Here's the plot description from one of those shows: "When the family pet guinea pig swallows an eraser, Jim is forced to pay for an expensive operation."

You just know that one's going to be funnier the second time around.