Entertainment Tonight

's annual Hot List is out, baby. And when that happens, people take notice.

The list, which officially will be announced Monday on


, features celebs from all walks of celebrityhood who have been ranked according to how many times they have been mentioned this year on the syndicated ent & celeb show.

The winningest celeb is the late

Anna Nicole Smith

, who died Feb. 8. Her daughter,

Dannielynn Birkhead

, is No. 2.

America's favorite Mouseketeer-turned-custody-battle-casualty,

Britney Spears,

is at No. 3, while her counterpart, squeaky-clean Mrs. Responsibility,

Marie Osmond

, is No. 4. Celeb in shining armor

Brad Pitt

rounds out the top five. (His life partner,

Angelina Jolie

, is at No. 7.)

Going to give it another try

Thursday night's scheduled

Big D and the Kids Table

concert, featuring guests

Whole Wheat Bread


Brain Failure


Giving Chase

, and others, didn't actually happen. The show was postponed to Jan. 12, at the same place, the Fillmore at the TLA.

If at first you succeed . . .

Canadian progressive rock band


, which mounted a world tour this summer that hit the Tweeter Center in Camden on July 6, plans to do a big


-tour beginning in April.

The new tour will take

Geddy Lee


Alex Lifeson


Neil Peart

to 40 cities in North America - including Philly. Dates will be announced. Info:

» READ MORE: www.rush.com


It wasn't that kind of smile

An anon witness tells the New York Post that

Ryan Gosling

, who is one of his generation's best actors despite that smug, self-loving smirk of his, was "smiling and gazing at"

Michelle Williams




Surely this means Ryan and Michelle - whose previous lover was

Heath Ledger

- are exploring the

Kama Sutra

together and that they're on the verge of a three-week marriage. Not so, their reps tell the Post, explaining that the two thesps were discussing issues thespianic, not romantic.

Stars to stand in line for

Autograph mag (yep) has released its annual "10 Best and 10 Worst Hollywood Signers," a Jerk-Meter that ranks celebs according to their bedside manner when it comes to autograph seekers.

The nicest celeb is

Johnny Depp

, who tops the list for the third year in a row. "Though soft-spoken and laid-back, he likes to talk to fans and get to know them while signing," New York autograph dealer

Anthony Risi

says in the mag. Regular married guy

Matt Damon


George Clooney


Jack Nicholson

, and

Rosario Dawson

round out the top five.

You'd think

Will Ferrell

, who played such a sweetie-pie in


, would be on the nice guy list. Guess again: The comedian ranks No. 1 on the 10-worst list. Why, Will?


Tobey Maguire


Joaquin Phoenix


William Shatner


Renee Zellweger

follow Will on the list of shame. Check it out at:

» READ MORE: http://autographmagazine.com