Pushing Daisies

(8-9 p.m., 6ABC) - An automotive expert is killed in a hit-and-run accident, and Ned (Lee Pace) suspects it was no accident at all, especially after finding out the carmaker the victim worked for was about to launch an experimental vehicle. Chuck (Anna Friel) is pressing Ned for answers about her resurrection.

Sleepy Hollow

(8-10 p.m., TNT) - Tim Burton brings a lot of spectacle - and a lot of graphic onscreen decapitations - to the old Washington Irving tale, but not an iota of compelling emotion or soul. Johnny Depp stars as a queasy, ineffectual New York cop called Ichabod Crane, Christina Ricci is the lovely Katrina, and a host of British stage and screen veterans rumble around in the foggy soundstage woods. Repeats at 10 p.m.

30th Annual Kennedy Center Honors

(9-11 p.m., CBS3) - As awards shows go, this one has more class than most: no annoying red-carpet interviews or embarrassing acceptance speeches, as the honorees know going in that they're winners. This year's recipients are pianist and conductor Leon Fleisher, actor-comedian Steve Martin, singer-songwriter Brian Wilson, singer-actress Diana Ross, and filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Caroline Kennedy returns as host.

American Masters

(9-10:30 p.m., WHYY TV12) - "Bob Newhart: Unbuttoned" profiles the former accountant who mined his nervous stammer and deadpan demeanor for comedy gold. His 1960 album

The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart

won a best new artist Grammy and led to a long career in stand-up and two hit sitcoms, in which he played the straight man to a host of crazy characters. He recently showed he can do drama as well, earning an Emmy nomination for a guest shot on