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Kimberly Garrison | Test your knowledge

What do you know about the state of Americans' health?

MOST AMERICANS make the proverbial annual New Year's resolutions - typically vowing to exercise more and take better care of their health. But talk is cheap, and most people forget their resolutions almost as quickly as they're made.

Here's a reality quiz on the state of our national health that may be just the incentive you need to get serious about your fitness, health and life.

1. What percentage of the U.S. population works out regularly at least three days a week?

A. 50 percent.

B. 25 percent.

C. 15 percent.

D. 44 percent.

2. According to the CDC, what percentage of Americans are overweight or obese?

A. 50 percent.

B. 75 percent.

C. 66 percent.

D. 25 percent.

3. To lose one pound of fat, you'll need to burn ___ calories.

A. 1,000 calories.

B. 3,500 calories.

C. 2,000 calories.

D. 7,000 calories.

4. The natural endorphins in exercise are effective in treating ___ and ___.

A. Drug addiction and alcoholism.

B. Overeating and asthma.

C. Hypertension and stroke.

D. Anxiety and mild depression.

5. The best way to lose weight permanently is through:

A. Diet only.

B. Exercise only.

C. Portion control and exercise.

D. Surgery.

6. You should strive to eat ___ servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

A. 1 to 2.

B. 3 to 4.

C. 5 to 6.

D. 5 to 9.

7. To increase your strength and muscle mass, you should ___.

A. Eat lots of protein.

B. Stimulate muscle with sufficient resistance exercise.

C. Eliminate carbs.

D. Lift very heavy weights.

8. According to the World Health Organization, the average man needs ___ grams of protein and the average woman needs ___ grams of protein daily.

A. 56 and 48.

B. 100 and 95.

C. 75 and 60.

D. 85 and 70.

9. Every 33 seconds, an American dies from ___.

A. Heart disease.

B. Stroke.

C. Cancer.

D. Diabetes.

10. Ten million Americans are disabled as a result of ___ or ___.

A. Cancer or heart disease.

B. Heart disease or stroke.

C. Car accidents or alcoholism.

D. Stroke or diabetes.

11. An estimated ___ million Americans age 20 or older have high blood pressure, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

A. 5 million.

B. 95 million.

C. 75 million.

D. 65 million.

12. More than ___ percent of African- Americans have high blood pressure.

A. 40.

B. 50.

C. 30.

D. 60.

13. ___ percent of Mexican-American men and ___ percent of Mexican-American women have cardiovascular disease.

A. 40 and 30.

B. 20 and 25.

C. 29.2 and 29.3.

D. 33 and 36.

14. Americans could reduce or eliminate their risk of heart disease or stroke by eliminating risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco use, diabetes, ___ and ___.

A. Nighttime snacking and


B. Stress and sleep deprivation.

C. Poor nutrition and physical


D. Drugs and alcohol.

15. Americans spent ___ in 2006 on cardiovascular-related medical costs and disability.

A. $200.2 billion.

B. $403.1 billion.

C. $303.6 billion.

D. $800.5 billion.

16. Physical inactivity ___ the risks of heart disease, according to the World Heart Federation.

A. Doubles.

B. Triples.

C. Quadruples.

D. Has no effect on.

17. Physical inactivity, according to the American Heart Association, costs Americans an estimated ___ annually in direct medical costs.

A. $22.5 billion.

B. $72.2 billion.

C. $95 billion.

D. $76.6 billion.

18. According to the Harvard Alumni study, every hour of regular exercise increases your life expectancy by ___ hours.

A. 1.

B. 2.

C. 3.

D. 4.

As we ring in 2008, my sincere hope is that you beat the odds and exceed your expectations for a fit, healthy and happy life. Only you can do it, for you and only you are the captain of your own ship. This year, set sail and make it happen. *

Kimberly Garrison is a certified personal trainer and owner of One on One Ultimate Fitness in Philadelphia (

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