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'07's Sinning Celebs

It was a long, sorry lineup starring in police mug shots, tabloid exposés, and YouTube videos.

Rejoice, brethren (and sistren): Not one famous actor - or music producer - was accused of murder in all of 2007.

Yet as our sad, fragile little world stares down the barrel of a new year to come, it's time to own up to all the other crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated this year by Western culture's latest, greatest cadre of elites,



The terrible trio (+ one)

Even though more and more luminaries have signed up to be goody-two-shoes, in the name of the environment, world hunger or Africa, plenty of celebs still behaved like jackasses.

And none more so than the latter-day version of the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse,

Paris Hilton


Lindsay Lohan

, former Mouseketeer

Britney Spears

, and

Nicole Richie


Lindsay's DUIs

LiLo virtually tore a hole in the space-time continuum bouncing in and out of rehab - that is, when she wasn't busy racking up DUI arrests. (Two big ones this year.) LiLo, who finally did time in a luxurious Utah rehab, landed an onerous sentence for both busts: one day in jail and 10 days community service. We have wept for her.

Does Brit eat her young?

Britney Spears

woke up one day this year to find herself on the dark side of the deep end. Brit, whose first marriage lasted 55 hours, is all about the quickie. So it was no surprise that in less than three days in February she: checked into a rehab in Antigua only to leave less than 24 hours later; flew back to California, where she got her head shaved; checked into a Malibu rehab; fled after one night, and returned hours later. (She stayed a whole month.)

Brit, who seems to be regarded as the worst parent since


the Greek god who ate his own children, is in the midst of a custody death match with her ex,

Kevin Federline

, over that ill-fated couple's two sons.

Paris: 22 days in heck

Paris Hilton

got serious street cred this year for serving real jail time - 22 days behind bars in June for violating probation, which stemmed from an earlier DUI case.

DUI busts: An epidemic

A specter is haunting Tinseltown - the specter of drunken driving.

DUI busts have become far too commonplace among the glitterati and celebutantes. Busted celebs this year include


(natch) and

Nicole Richie

(we haven't forgotten her),

Rebecca De Mornay, Gus Van Sant


Mischa Barton


Michelle Rodriguez

, rappers

Busta Rhymes



, country singer

Mark Collie

, and



Kiefer Sutherland

, who, like Paris, must serve time behind bars, for what turns out to be his third DUI conviction.

The ever-inventive pugilistic thesp

Mickey Rourke

managed to get cited for driving drunk on his Vespa scooter. But no one outdid the Ironic Buddha himself,

Bill Murray

. The



Lost in Translation

star was arrested in September in Stockholm on suspicion of driving a

golf cart

through street traffic while intoxicated.

Drugs, booze and rehab

Brit rocker

Pete Doherty

, better known in America as the former lover of

Kate Moss

, spent much of the year in and out of London courtrooms on DUI and drug possession charges, and rotated through numerous rehab programs.

His compatriot, nuevo-retro-soul chanteuse

Amy Winehouse

, had a similarly hairy year, and continues to walk that thin line between life and drug-induced oblivion.

Pickled, with burger

He may once have been the most popular TV star in Europe and Asia, but



David Hasselhoff

's latest bit of video was anything but cool: The Hoff, who says he has struggled with alcoholism for years, was filmed by his daughter in a pathetic, drunken state, barely able to sit up as he tried to eat a hamburger off the rug in a Vegas hotel room. Before long, The Hoff's shame became our entertainment on YouTube.

Marriage, Pamela-style

Tommy Lee

's ex-wife

Pamela Anderson

seems to have burned through two more husbands in less than two years. Pam wed Detroit rap-rocker

Kid Rock

in July 2006, only to divorce him by November.

Pam married her latest, Paris Hilton's ex-pornographer

Rick Salomon

, on Oct. 6, only to file for divorce seven weeks later. A few days later the couple reconciled.

May the gods help them.

Naughty Boy

When it comes to arrests, it's hard to top former

Culture Club


Boy George


George O'Dowd

). Often described in the tabloids by the code word


, Boy was accused of kidnapping and mercilessly taunting a 28-year-old Norwegian male escort in May. Boy allegedly chained the man at his flat and threatened him with various sex toys and S&M implements.

It didn't stay in Vegas

Sure, it's all fun and games talking about celebs when all they've done is drink and drive. What about armed robbery? What about

O.J. Simpson

, arrested Sept. 16 for allegedly storming a hotel room in Vegas with a group of armed men to steal sports memorabilia?

Blood feuds

This year's prize for most confrontational, haiku-writing lesbian former talk-show host goes to -

Rosie O'Donnell


When she wasn't busy tearing

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

to shreds on live TV during her brief stint as a cohost on

The View

, Rosie entered an absurd verbal death match with

Donald Trump



Kid Rock

didn't bother using clever words; he just up and punched

Tommy Lee

in the jaw during the MTV Video Awards. Were they feuding over

Pamela Lee

, who'd left both of them?

Idiot wind


Don Imus

opens his mouth, ugly things can happen. They sure did April 4, when the windage out of the radio jock's mouth on

Imus in the Morning

was full of racist bile, calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team, which had eight African American players, "nappy-headed hos." His show was canceled, but by December he was back with a syndicated show.

I fought the law . . .

Other luminaries in hot legal water included

Naomi Campbell

, who faces assault charges for allegedly flinging her cell phone at a servant.

And Philly's very own CBS3 news anchor

Alycia Lane

allegedly found a more direct way to fight the law: She's been accused of punching a plainclothes New York cop in the face - and calling her a "dyke" - during an argument with police this month.