The following first appeared on film critic Carrie Rickey's blog, "Flickgrrl."

Just another night or one that sets the tone for the upcoming 365 days?

Whether you're a cocooner or social butterfly, misanthrope or romantic, felon or lawman, there's a New Year's Eve movie to match your mood or alter it. From

Strange Days


When Harry Met Sally. . .


Ocean's Eleven

, the New Year's movie comes in many flavors.

Here, on the spectrum from bitter to sweet, are my favorites:

Strange Days

(1994): Ralph Fiennes as an L.A. drug dealer addicted to virtual-reality "playback" and Angela Bassett as a cop who tries to redeem him, on December 31, 1999. Catch those allusions to Y2K.

The Apartment

(1960): Jack Lemmon as the insurance actuary in love with a suicidal elevator operator (Shirley MacLaine), and who ends up hosting the best New Year's party in town.

La Bonne Année

(1973): Jewel thief Lino Ventura cases out a diamond boutique, falls for the antiques dealer next door (Françoise Fabian) and gets arrested New Year's Eve. Will he be paroled by the next?

Ocean's Eleven

(1960 and 2001) The Rat Pack (Frank, Dino and Sammy in the original, George, Brad and Matt in the remake) rob Vegas casinos on the last night of the year.

Trading Places

(1983): Eddie Murphy as a con man and Dan Aykroyd as a Philly blueblood who team up to play a commodities scam.

That Hamilton Woman

(1940): Laurence Olivier (as Lord Nelson) and Vivien Leigh (as Emma, Lady Hamilton), kiss each other across two centuries on December 31, 1799.

Waiting to Exhale

(1995): Four friends (Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Whitney Houston and Lela Rochon) stop worrying about men and start loving them.

Rich and Famous

(1981): Best of friends and worst of rivals Jackie Bissett and Candice Bergen decide on New Year's that there's no conflict a flute of champagne can't resolve.

Bell Book and Candle

(1958): Kim Novak, a lovely Greenwich Village witch, bewitches publisher James Stewart, as her warlock brother Jack Lemmon plays the bongos.

When Harry Met Sally. . .

(1989): Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal learn how to make lovers of friends.

The Holiday

(2006): Lovelorn film editor Cameron Diaz trades homes with heartsick journalist Kate Winslet and everyone is happy by New Year's.

What am I missing? What are your favorites?

And Happy View Year!