Creamy caramels

Silky smooth French butter caramels in chocolate, coffee, hazelnut and vanilla flavors - a melt-in-your-mouth treat imported from the Charentes-Poitou region - left our tasters craving more.

- Marilynn Marter

55-piece grande caramel assortment, 17.5 ounces, $45. A Dean & DeLuca exclusive at

Clean cut, easy wrap

No more tugging, tearing and tangling. And less waste. Elkins Park entrepreneur Chris Urban designed a trio of dispensers with patented cutting mechanisms specific to each type of kitchen wrap - clinging plastic, thicker foil and slippery waxed paper.

The sturdy plastic units (31/2-by-141/2-inches) sit stable on a counter for sure sizing and a safe, quick and clean cut, then lock and fit easily in a drawer.

- M.M.

WrapMaster dispensers, $19.99 each. At Linens N Things. Also, The Shopping Channel and

Juice of the vine

At first blush these all-natural varietal juices - Chardonnay, Cabernet and Merlot - might pass for sweet wine, but they're actually sophisticated premium grape juices.

For those who like the underlying wine taste but find 38 grams of all-natural sugar too sweet, go with First Blush spritzers as a summery nonalcoholic refreshment.

- M.M.

First Blush varietal grape juices, 16 ounces, $3.99. At Whole Foods markets.