The Class

, a French movie about classroom life that featured real students and teachers from a junior high school, took the top honor, the Palme d'Or, at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday.


Laurent Cantet

shot the film in a raw, improvisational style as he tracked a year in the life of the school. The decision of the nine-member jury was unanimous, said jury chairman

Sean Penn


Benicio Del Toro

took best-actor honors for



Steven Soderbergh

's four-hour-plus epic about Latin American revolutionary

Che Guevara


Sandra Corveloni

, of Brazil, was named best actress for

Linha de Passe

, in which she plays the mother of four brothers in a Brazilian slum.

Turkish filmmaker

Nuri Bilge Ceylan

was named best director for

Three Monkeys

, about a father who takes the rap for his employer's crime in exchange for financial support for his wife and son.

The jury awarded special prizes to

Clint Eastwood

, whose film


, starring

Angelina Jolie

, was a Cannes competitor, and

Catherine Deneuve

, who appeared in two of this year's Cannes films.

Indiana Jones and the Golden Oldie

He's been around long enough to qualify for artifact status himself, but old whippersnapper Indiana Jones still has the golden touch.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

, which brought

Harrison Ford

and his bad-boy grin back for a fourth go as the adventurous archaeologist with the battered fedora and bullwhip, earned $101 million over the first three days of the Memorial Day weekend. Toss in $25 mil for opening day, and the treasure amounts to $126 million.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

, last weekend's box office leader, ate ancient dust, dropping to second place with gate receipts of $23 million.

Iron Man

, which


bumped to second last week, finished third this weekend, with receipts of $20.1 mil.

Baby moves to the beat

Harlow Madden

, infant daughter of

Nicole Richie


Good Charlotte


Joel Madden

, shows an early fondness for the English rock band

the Cure

, daddy reveals to

Harlow, born in early January, grooves to "a lot of Disney stuff and classical," Madden tells People. "She likes Good Charlotte. And she likes her granddad [

Lionel Richie

]'s music. She likes old stuff. She's a Cure fan ... She likes the Cure." The music turns her on, says Proud Papa: "She kicks her legs."