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Sideshow: Britney and bf, LiLo and . . . gf

Surely, even the most spoiled, troublesome, simpering, sub-Mensa starlet deserves to be loved. Even Britney Spears, who according to Britain's Daily Mail is dating talent agent Jason Trawick. Jason was by Brit's side during the Costa Rican holiday she took with her new spiritual adviser, Mel Gibson. No comments from Brit.

Surely, even the most spoiled, troublesome, simpering, sub-Mensa starlet deserves to be loved. Even

Britney Spears,

who according to Britain's Daily Mail

is dating talent agent

Jason Trawick

. Jason was by Brit's side during the Costa Rican holiday she took with her new spiritual adviser,

Mel Gibson

. No comments from Brit.

Meanwhile, reports mount that Brit's fellow desperado

Lindsay Lohan

has found sapphic love. Days after the tabs went crazy over pics of the

Herbie the Love Bug

star being over-zealously friendly with her BFF,

Samantha Ronson

, LiLo's dad tells the girls' romance "is evident to anyone with half a brain."

Michael Lohan

sounds resigned. LiLo "can make her own life choices," he says. "It is between her and God."

Now Brit tab the Daily Star claims LiLo is engaged to the openly gay club DJ! The Star cites an anon LiLo friend saying the actress refers to herself as "

Lindsay Ronson

." No comments from any of the bold facers.

A major announcement . . .

. . . is on its way!

(How thrilling.)

According to a not-overwhelmingly-major announcement released yesterday via

Matt Lauer

, not-so-successful CBS news anchor

Katie Couric

plans to make a "major announcement" today on NBC's



But alas, the super-secret announcement has been leaked: Couric will announce that on Sept. 5, all three networks will broadcast

Stand Up to Cancer

, a live fund-raising concert featuring yet-to-be-announced major superstar music stars.

"For people struggling with this disease, or those who will be diagnosed, scientific breakthroughs can be a matter of life or death - literally," Couric says. "We want everyone to know that they can make a difference in this fight."

Tori restored to her throne

Tori Spelling

, who ruled the universe in

Beverly Hills, 90210

, the teen soap opera created by her dad,

Aaron Spelling

, will return to the revamped, resurrected, reincarnated version of the show, the CW announced yesterday.

Beginning this fall, Tori will play the grown-up version of her original character, Donna Martin. A CW rep tells

Entertainment Tonight

that Martin is now "the owner of one of the coolest stores in Beverly Hills, a shopping hot spot that is frequented by the new cast of characters." (That's hot.)

Tori must be happy: She once told, "In some way, every show that followed


was a remake of


." (You can


see that with

The Sopranos

- it's such an obvious



Tori joins previously announced returnee

Jennie Garth


Full House


Lori Loughlin


'Sex' is for women only?

In an astonishing report, the AP has put forth the hypothesis that more women than men may be interested in watching

Sex and the City

, the film that opens Friday.

According to survey results from online movie ticket seller Fandango, 94 percent of ticket buyers say they are women. (That's way more women than men.) The good news is that the movie is drawing women of many ages.

"We can't remember the last time a movie has created so much anticipation among female moviegoers from their 20s through their 40s," said Fandango rep

Harry Medved


But there's a dark lining to this silver cloud: Can women alone make


a hit?

"A huge female audience can create a blockbuster of a movie if there's enough interest," said

Paul Dergarabedian

, president of the tracking firm Media By Numbers LLC, in a statement so circular it's actually a globe.

Mayor Bloomberg as the president?

The New York Post reports that New York Mayor

Michael Bloomberg

so loved the

David Mamet

political satire


on Broadway that he spent 20 minutes chatting with star

Nathan Lane

, who plays bumbling President Charles H.P. Smith. Producer

Jeffrey Richards

tells the Post, "We were so enthused by [the mayor's] response to the show that we've decided to offer him the role of [the president]" after Lane's run ends.

Noth to romance Renée Z.

Variety reports that

Sex and the City


Chris Noth

will star opposite

Renée Zellweger

in the romantic comedy

My One and Only


Zellweger will play Anne Deveraux, a beautiful drifter who travels from town to town with her young sons looking to net a rich sugar daddy. Noth stars as a retired military doctor who becomes her latest mark.

Written by

Charlie Peters

, the tale is based on a real-life anecdote that the perpetually toasted gent's gent

George Hamilton

once told

Merv Griffin

about his early life on the road with his mother and brother.

McGregor to play Gore Vidal's pa

Variety also reports that Scottish leading man

Ewan McGregor

, 37, has signed on to star in the

Hilary Swank


Amelia Earhart



, to be helmed by

Mira Nair


The Namesake

). The

Star Wars

alum will play

Gene Vidal

- the father of famed author

Gore Vidal

- who had a passionate affair with Earhart while she was married to publisher

George Putnam

, who will be played by

Richard Gere


Good news for Grammer

Kelsey Grammer

, whose Fox show

Back to You

wasn't exactly a ratings winner, has landed a sitcom pilot for ABC, says E! Cloned from the British series of the same name,

Roman's Empire

is about a young man who is dumped by his heiress girlfriend, but whose life remains inexplicably intertwined with the girl's overbearing billionaire family, especially its oddball patriarch, played by Grammer.

Madge delays Philly visit


's Sticky and Sweet Tour, which was to land at the Wachovia Center in Philly on Nov. 19, has rescheduled that show for Nov. 20.

Tix range from $58 to $353 (does the 353 bucks include a back rub from Madge?) and go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday via


Eagles cheerleaders head to Iraq

Forget the warriors of the football fields.

Five Eagles cheerleaders will begin entertaining troops in Iraq next week.

Their itinerary, which might include a half-dozen bases, is as secret as an Eagles game plan, said cheerleader

Kjersti Soberg

, a University of the Arts dance major.

Joining her will be

Rachel Washburn

, who's also an ROTC cadet;

Nikki Bell

, one of three sisters on the squad;

Madeline Kane

, top scorer in last month's audition finale show; and

Laura Jenkins

, who graduated from the University of the Arts last year.

It's the first time the Eagles have sent cheerleaders to Iraq.

"Everybody asks if we're nervous" about going to a war zone, Soberg said. On the contrary, "I'm thrilled to have this opportunity," she said. "They reassured us that the bases we're traveling to are completely safe."

Soberg said many of these service people haven't seen American civilians for a long time.

"To be that breath of fresh air is really what we're looking for."

- Peter Mucha