Beginning with hand-rolled candy gifts for friends, Jerry Swain's pairing of chocolate and peanut butter - two near universal favorites - drew a following and ultimately awards, among them Best First Time Confection (2001) and Best of Show (2002) at gatherings of the Retail Confectioners International.

Now his dark, milk and white chocolate-swathed peanut butter cores come in crispy, pretzel-bit, toffee and caramel blends.

Jer's Handmade Chocolates, 1 pound gift box, $30 (2 for $49). At

- Marilynn Marter

Cute and compact

This multi-purpose mini tool does a maxi job. Roll garlic cloves in the domed silicone cap to peel. Slip a bulb into the porcelain and silicone capsule to oven-roast with a baked meal. Or microwave in minutes.

And there's no mistaking where leftovers are stored.

(Useful, too, to roast shallots or an onion.)

Sili Gourmet Garlic Roaster, $13. At or 800-473-0504.

- M.M.

Grind 'N Grill

With sales in both the grilling and grinder markets up by double digits, Weber's move to team the two in a new seasoning line is way smart. And the

five unique spice blends - we especially liked the Chicago Steak and Six-Pepper Fusion - cover most tastes and grilling situations.

The adjustable (fine or coarse) grinders used to package the blends are easy to

grip and use, but regrettably are not refillable.

Weber's Grind 'N Grill seasonings, 3.5 to 4.5 ounces, $6 to $8. At Acme, Sam's Club and

- M.M.