Fashion and appearance are high priorities for 14-year-old Myira. A typical teenager, she delights in having her hair done, using makeup, and shopping for new outfits with matching accessories. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer and even now does sketches of clothing.

An animal lover, Myira particularly likes small dogs that she can cuddle and play with. She enjoys going to school, where she receives some special education services. Art, gym and computers are her favorite subjects.

Myira is outgoing and personable and yearns to be adopted. She has endured much hurt and loss, which has affected her ability to trust others. She has the potential to develop into a successful, productive adult. However, she cannot do this alone. She needs the freedom to grow, to give and receive love, and to feel that she belongs. Myira needs parents. She would thrive with a patient, understanding "forever" family who will give her the love, encouragement and reassurance she needs and who will work to get her the best education possible. It would be best if there were no younger children in the family.