The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

*** (Walt Disney Video, '08) $29.99. 149 mins. A year after returning to England, the Pevensie children - Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy - are beckoned back to Narnia to help a young prince take his place on the throne by defeating an evil king. With Ben Barnes, Cornell John, Liam Neeson. PG (intense battle sequence)

Step Brothers

*** (Sony Pictures, '08) $28.96. 98 mins. Two 40-year-old underachievers - both still living at home - are forced to share a bedroom and more when their single parents marry. With Wayne Federman, Richard Jenkins, John C. Reilly. R (profanity, prosthetic body parts, sexual content, comic mayhem, adult themes)

The Longshots

**1/2 (Weinstein Company, '08) $28.95. 94 mins. Coached by her uncle, a former high school football star, a girl quarterback leads her team to the Pop Warner Super Bowl. With Ice Cube, Keke Palmer, Glenn Plummer. PG (some thematic elements, mild profanity and brief rude humor)

For Kids

Fly Me to the Moon

** (Summit Entertainment, '08) $25.99. 84 mins. This is the 3-D adventure of three Florida houseflies that hitch a ride to the moon aboard Apollo 11. With Philip Daniel Bolden, Trevor Gagnon, Christopher Lloyd, Kelly Ripa. G (cartoon mayhem)

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